Setting up git send-email with gmail (Example)

Git 和 Repo常用命令 - 摩斯电码 - 博客园 2016-8-27 · git config --global " John Doe " git config --global git config --global core.editor vim git config --global color.ui true git config --global checkout git config --global branch git config --global commit git config --global status #Delete local branches that have been removed from remote on fetch / pull git config Send A Patch To Someone Using `git format-patch` Git is designed to be a distributed version control system. You can actually send a patch for someone to review without the need to have a centralized Git repository using the git format-patch feature. This is very useful when your remote Git repository is down.

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Dec 29, 2019 · A method to send email notification to a list of email addresses by the remote git server after every push from the client will be introduced in this post. An example notification email after a commit is shown in the figure below. The subject contains a prefix, the repository name, the branch name and the last commit message.

$ git send-email \ 0001-x86-build-require-only-gcc-use-maccumulate-outgoing-.patch You don’t need to use command line arguments to cc yourself, assuming you set up git correctly, git send-email should add you to the cc line as the author of the patch.

Setting up git send-email with gmail (Example) 2016-2-25 · git format-patch --cover-letter -M origin/master -o outgoing/ where origin/master is the patch branch you wish to send and outgoing/ is the directory where the patches will live. You then need to edit the coverletter in the outoing/dir. To Send: git send-email outgoing/* ubuntu16.04下使用idea时,上传自建git库是遇到 … 2020-2-20 · git clone 出现Permission Denied (publickey)问题,大多数博主建议大家加入公钥,不过加入公钥以后还是有问题。我自己出现的问题有两个: 1、sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent refused operation 2、