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May 18, 2020 Google Assistant - Learn What Your Google Assistant is Your Google Assistant can perform many actions to help streamline your day-to-day. Discover what the Google Assistant can do by trying one of the actions now. "Give me directions to the airport" "Find the closest ATM" Music and News "Play workout music" "Play Today''s Top Hits on Spotify" "Tell me the latest news" This robot will give you a new haircut… if you dare - CNET

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This robot will give you a new haircut… if you dare "My hair is getting too long so I decided to build a robot to cut it for me." Watch a robot barber with scissors give a YouTuber a quarantine Jul 16, 2020 · Good news, “Jeopardy” fans! Alex Trebek and his new goatee are “feeling great” and will be bringing you some special “vault” episodes of the long-running game show this month

“Ok Google, tell me a joke”

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