The Internet’s Most Mysterious Secret Game Has Begun

Dan Mozgai of the Cicada Mania website has recorded periodical cicadas at 109 decibels, although other reports have groups at 120 dB, approaching the pain threshold for humans! Periodical cicadas are the genus Magicicada , distinguished by their red eyes and orange wing veins, and … The strange unexplained internet mystery – Cicada 3301 The Internet mystery that’s baffled the world: Is Cicada 3301 a puzzle, a treasure hunt or some ‘nefarious’ recruitment test? For the past two years, a mysterious online organization has been setting the world’s finest codebreakers a series of seemingly insolvable problems. Uncovering Cicada Wiki | Fandom

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The Internet's Cicada: A Mystery Without An Answer : NPR

Jan 07, 2014

When a post appeared on a message board in 2012, it sent a small corner of the internet spiralling into a conspiracy of whistleblowers, dead man’s switches and NSA surveillance. Eight years on, and Cicada 3301 has become a story of obsession, paranoia and, most improbably, community. Red Cicadas Burning Cicada, Ltd - Internet Archive