OpenDNS blocks phishing websites that try to steal your identity and login information by pretending to be a legitimate website. Surf the Web with confidence. Over 30,000,000 homes, schools, and businesses of all sizes rely on OpenDNS for a better Internet.

OpenDNS Home VIP applies parental control and monitoring at the network level, for all your devices, and its essential features are available for free. Consider using it in conjunction with a more Home Internet Security | OpenDNS OpenDNS Family Shield. FREE. Preconfigured to block adult content — set it & forget it. Setup Guide Home. OpenDNS Home. FREE. Our classic, free service with customizable filtering and basic protection. Sign Up Home. OpenDNS Home VIP. $19.95/year. OpenDNS Home package, plus one year of usage stats & optional white-list mode. FamilyShield Computer Configuration Instructions – OpenDNS Jan 13, 2020 Download OpenDNS Family Shield (Free) for Windows OpenDNS Family Shield is among the easiest-to-setup solutions for parental controls and malicious website filtering. Essentially, after configuration on your router, the service is effectively fire-and-forget, running in the background without requiring additional configuration.

Oct 28, 2016

If you set up OpenDNS’ parental controls, you’ll get the following screen when trying to access a restricted site. There are two ways to get started: one simple, one complex. OpenDNS Family Shield allows you to to all block adult content by changing the DNS server on your devices and/or router at home. It should only take a few minutes to Keep Kids Safe Online with OpenDNS FamilyShield | PCWorld

Keep kids safe online with OpenDNS FamilyShield - PC World

Jan 03, 2019 OpenDNS Family Shield, Home, Home VIP Terms of Service Apr 14, 2020 OpenDNS Family Shield Installation & Usage Tutorial - YouTube