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PRTG functions as a free syslog server - Paessler AG Setting up a free syslog server with PRTG Syslog is a standard for sending log messages within a network. It is supported by a variety of devices. The syslog protocol provides a wide range of system info, thus syslog monitoring is an important part of network monitoring. How can I use PRTG’s syslog sensor and what are its Jul 28, 2015 Syslog Receiver Sensor | PRTG Manual

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Jul 10, 2018 PRTG Comparison - PRTG Alternative ipMonitor | SolarWinds Paessler regularly compares PRTG ® Network Monitor to SolarWinds ® Orion ® platform products, such as Network Performance Monitor, Network Traffic Analyzer, and Server & Application Monitor. But really, comparing PRTG vs the SolarWinds Orion platform products is not the complete story. In those cases, ipMonitor ® is the more appropriate PRTG Network Monitor alternative. PRTG Syslog receiver (日本語字幕付き) - YouTube

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Configuring Cisco Devices to Use a Syslog Server > An Example 4-14 prepares the Cisco PIX Firewall to send syslog messages at facility local5 and severity debug and below to the syslog server. The Netadmin does not want the PIX to log message 111005. The syslog server has an IP address of Example 4-14. Configuring a Cisco PIX Firewall for Syslog Monitoring a KEMP LoadMaster Using PRTG: A Detailed How To