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VPN doesn't work aka how to clear ARP cache on the Feb 24, 2014 How to Clear Google Search History - VPNandGo Jun 26, 2020 Can I hide my browsing history from - VPN Client for Mac How to Hide Browsing History from an ISP? There are two ways to hide your browsing history from an ISP: use the TOR browser or a VPN service. Both ways create a level of protection of your search history from the third parties, including your ISP. They have a similar algorithm of providing an anonymous search, but with some differences. How to Delete Your History from YouTube - Best 10 VPN Reviews

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Oct 23, 2017 · Clear Your Search History: Above the button to clear your watch history you’ll see a tab that says “Search History”. Click it and you’ll be taken to a page with all your recent searches. Just repeat the process from the last step by hitting the button that says ‘Clear all search history’ and confirms.

Troubleshooting Logs. Export information from the VPN client to help locate and isolate a connection problem. From the Applications folder, click the AnyConnect VPN icon to open the user interface. A new pane labeled Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client will pop up.; Click on the gear shaped icon lower left panel; Select the Statistics tab.; Click the Export button.. The details contain:

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