While all states must respect the right of privacy and the freedom of expression, there is a difference between, for example, the French tradition of protecting personal reputation rather intensively, and the British liberal tradition, where even the yellow press and tabloid papers enjoy considerable freedom.

The right to privacy is more important than the freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is absolutely warranted on the condition that the reporting is done within the public realm. The right to privacy should be respected and reporters should be restrained from invading a person or institution's private space in order to write an article. Privacy vs Freedom of Expression: How the law has developed Jul 18, 2018 Press Versus Privacy: Does the Right to Be Left Alone Jan 15, 2018

The normative perspective of this chapter is how to guarantee respect for the fundamental values of freedom of expression and journalistic reporting on matters of public interest in cases where a (public) person claims protection of his or her right to reputation. First it explains why there is an increasing number and expanding potential of conflicts between the right to freedom of expression

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As an adjunct to freedom of speech, freedom of the press allows people to access the information that free speech in public forums creates. Organizations as disparate as the American Civil Liberties Union [2] and the Charles Koch Institute [3] have written of the central place that freedom of the press has in creating a forum of open discussion

Derived terms * academic freedom * degree of freedom * economic freedom * financial freedom * freedom fighter * freedom fries * freedom march * freedom of assembly * freedom of association * freedom of contract * freedom of expression * freedom of movement * freedom of petition * freedom of religion * freedom of speech * freedom of the air * freedom of the press * freedom of the seas * freedom Freedom of the press | Definition of Freedom of the press