Posted by MARSHOUD: “SHOULD I UPDATE GRAPHICS DRIVER ?” Hi. i have an hp envy laptop with an intel core i7-4510u cpu 2.0 ghz 2.6 ghz. 8 gb ram. 4 gb nvidia geforse gtx 850m. my current graphics version is 332.85 and i have an update to version 358.50 i want to know should i update my driver or leave it as it is. and does updating affect performence on my older games ? thank you

Should I use DriverBooster to update my drivers? : ZephyrusG14 I've seen a lot of user setup guide recommending that I should install the latest chipset driver from ASUS laptop. So far I did 2 major updates, 1: Windows update (which also updated my BIOS) and 2: Windows app update which updated some major apps from the laptop. 12 Things You Should Do Before Installing a Windows 10 Check Manufacturer’s Website to Find Out if Your System is Compatible: Manufacturers of various … Updating a Motherboard's BIOS and Chipset Drivers

HP PCs - Updating Drivers and Software with Windows Update

Mar 24, 2020

In this case, one of the first troubleshooting steps you should take is to update the driver, since these issues may be fixed in a new update. The main exception to this rule is video drivers.

What hardware device drivers should be updated?