Number 3. When your ad goes live, the software block all flag attempts. Keeping your post live. and finally 4. If and only if your ad does somehow get flagged.(who knows maybe 7 people happen to flag you at the same time and the software can't keep up) but if you do get flagged, the software will stop and tell you the specific post that was

Sep 03, 2018 · When someone is trying to flag your ads, it will definitely count as alert against a post in question. Craigslist algorithm will scan it to check if it is offensive, prohibited, hoax or contain any kind of disturbing content. Whenever the flag number accumulates and reach a proper set of Craigslist algorithm, the ads might get ghosted instantly. Apr 29, 2011 · Craigslist Does Not Care, They will not respond, There are a few trolls in each area and they have no life. They think its their duty to police the posts. I do repairs on amps and get flagged as soon as I post. Yes you can go to other ad post But Craigslist Has Killed All Other Forms of places to place ads that get attention. You need to begin by learning the rules, so you can understand how to get around them and not incur a softblock, hell ban, or get your Craigslist ads flagged for removal by their automated clarma system. Our membership comes with any subscription and teaches you how to avoid the dreaded ” This posting has been flagged for removal” message. Craigslist tools have the capability to track it and your ads can get flagged. Verifying on a local number: Verifying your account on a non-local number, can get your ads flagged. All your ads can get flagged for removal based on this mistake. Come up with unique conversions: The fate of your ad is based on its title.

Place the same wanted ads that i have for last year now. Until a competitor started same type of ads saying same thing in same categories. Now all my ads are being deleted before they appear and no email from Craigslist. And then his ad pops up. I continue to get flagged before my ads even appear. But another guy with same ads continue to post in same sections. I have contacted you twice

Dec 08, 2008 · The reason why many of these ads get flagged is that many of them turn out to be people wanting to sell their animal at a high fee. It is a sneaky way to get your ad on CL and tell people your fee later on. Instead of investigating the fee many flaggers just flag ads that do not mention a specific price within the ad. 4. Litters of puppies and I've been using Craigslist for years and as of right now there is no way to tell. Usually if your posting is being flagged either you know which rule you're breaking or it's a competitor taking down your ads. craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events Flagged postings that comply with the TOU may be reposted, reworded as necessary. For help from CL users regarding flagging, visit flag help forum , and follow the instructions there. Funny or memorable postings may be nominated for " best of craigslist " via the "best-of" link.

What does one get out of placing bogus ads for 12wk old pups we are not slow learners, we have you figured out, only craigslist is slow on closing your account and waking up You will not get emails and additional info, you have no pups, only a sick mind and too much time

How to flag a Craigslist ad to remove it Craigslist flagging tool free: Flagging on Craigslist is a popular way to rate any advertisement or classified. Here we will discuss on the best way for Find out Who Flagged My Craigslist. It falls under two categories. If any person discovers humorous advertisement, he can flag it as “Best of Craigslist". I dont think craigslist staff flag ads themselves. It all done by community. They build an algorithm that determine if the ad should be removed or not. In my Personal experience.