After a long hiatus, both a tank hero and an Overwatch character have re-invaded Heroes of the Storm.. Mei probably isn't the first pick for a lot of players when it comes to crossovers, but she

2 days ago · 216k members in the heroesofthestorm community. Reddit community for Blizzard's MOBA game - Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm - Wikipedia Heroes of the Storm is a crossover multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and released on June 2, 2015, for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game features various characters from Blizzard's franchises as playable heroes, as well as different battlegrounds based on Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch universes. Heroes of the Storm guide: builds, roles, and who to pick Mar 27, 2017 Heroes of the Storm makes all Heroes free-to-play for

I play this game 3 hours every night. Storm league queues are less than 2 minutes and a lot of the times less than 10 seconds (as plat). All heroes are viable under certain comps and maps. The game has never been this fun. The anomalies they add are awesome and spice up the game.

Everything You Need to Know to Play Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's Mei Is Coming To Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm

Mar 27, 2017 Heroes of the Storm makes all Heroes free-to-play for Mar 24, 2020 Tutorial | Heroes of the Storm Wiki | Fandom