Mar 26, 2013 · Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan March 26, 2013 at 6:33 PM Public Generally refers to criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target, or place of a crime.

On August 11, 2016, the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) was passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan. A controversial piece of legislation, PECA may go down in history as one of the most hotly debated laws. However, the debate was not a natural outcome of what a democratic legislative process should be. Apr 21, 2016 · Cyber laws in pakistan 1. Cyber Laws in Pakistan Presented By: Arfan Afzal Saad Khatri Azra Sayani Muhammad Sajeel Hameed 2. Information To Share 1. Cyber Crime o Emergence of Cyber Crime o Dispute in the Cyber World o Types of Cyber Crime o Targets of Cyber Crime 2. Cyber Law 3. International Aspect of Cyber Law 4. Dear Senate of Pakistan. Shoot down this bill when its given to you and order an immediate, open, transparent review and re-draft of its text. This isn't a cyber crime bill, but clearly a Pakistan is also facing cybercrime-related issues. Human rights are at the brink of destruction because millions of attacks have been conducted and attempted for many years. Cybercrime, the use of a computer as an instrument to further illegal ends, such as committing fraud, stealing identities, or violating privacy. Cybercrime, especially through the Internet, has grown in importance as the computer has become central to commerce, entertainment, and government. Apr 17, 2008 · Cyber Laws in Pakistan Presenting By: Taha Mehmood Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Feb 06, 2018 · For example, Pakistan had no cyber-crime laws until late 2016, our nation’s awareness about basics of internet such as identity theft, phishing, privacy, online harassment, scams and frauds etc

Dear Senate of Pakistan. Shoot down this bill when its given to you and order an immediate, open, transparent review and re-draft of its text. This isn't a cyber crime bill, but clearly a

Money Laundering, Cyber Crime including cyber hacking, business frauds, Document Fraud and Forgery, dishonest Issuance of cheque are some of the key examples of White Collar Crime in Pakistan. Our team of expert lawyers have vast experience in the field and have been successfully engaged by our client to combat White Collar Crime in Pakistan. Cybercrime, or computer-oriented crime, is a crime that involves a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. [2] Cybercrime may threaten a person or a nation's security and financial health. According to the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU), a branch of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), 62 cases were reported to the unit in 2007, 287 cases in 2008 and while the ratio dropped in As it is a crime that effects an individual, a group of people or the economy, it is thereby punishable. Cyber crime can have effects greater than ordinary crime and countries across the globe are facing the hazards of these crimes. Pakistan Cyber Crime law has been made to fight this increasing crime.

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Debate on New Cyber Crime Act 2013: A debate on the new Cyber Crime Act 2013 will be scheduled soon after the approval of new law by the Parliament: Training of 33 Judicial Officers from K.P.K. A training of 33 Judicial Officers from Khyber Pukhtunkhawa was held at the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad on 30-8-2010 National Reponse Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C), is the latest introduction to mandate of the FIA, primarily to deal with technology based crimes in Pakistan. It is the only unit of its kind in the country and in addition to the directly received complaints also assists other law enforcement agencies in their own cases.