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Shop - Zentyal Linux Server Zentyal as a Communications Server. This course covers the email and instant messaging services integrated in Zentyal and that make it easy to deploy a communications server in a simple and safe way, with central point for user management. $ 119.00 Add to cart; Zentyal as Domain & Directory Server Zentyal as an Infrastructure Server - Zentyal Linux Server This course covers the services used by Zentyal to manage the local network infrastructure and to optimize internal traffic. You will learn about the high-level network abstractions, domain name management, network auto-configuration, management of the certification authority and virtual private networks, among others.

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Using the Zentyal installer (recommended option), On top of an existing Ubuntu Server Edition installation. In the second case the official Zentyal repositories must be added ( 3 ), after updating the software sources, you can install Zentyal base system and any of the modules.

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