User Datagram Protocol or Universal Datagram Protocol: Connection: Transmission Control Protocol is a connection-oriented protocol. User Datagram Protocol is a connectionless protocol. Function: As a message makes its way across the internet from one computer to another. This is connection based. UDP is also a protocol used in message transport

UDP Communication and MTU/MSS Size PC A has a 1500 byte MTU size and 1460 byte MSS size. PC A needs to send 9000 byte of data to PC B. PC B has a 1400 byte MTU(I am not 100%, but I heard MTU size can be changed) size and obviously 1360 byte MSS size. UDP包的大小与MTU-云栖社区-阿里云 2015-4-1 · UDP属于运输层,下面我们由下至上一步一步来看: 以太网(Ethernet)数据帧的长度必须在46-1500字节之间,这是由以太网的物理特性决定的. 这个1500字节被称为链路层的MTU(最大传输单元). PPTP/L2TP over PPPoE的准确MTU/MRU值 - 简书 1.这篇文章不是本人原创的,只是个人为了对这部分知识做一个整理和系统的输出而编辑成的,在此郑重地向本文所引用文章的 tcpip - How is the MTU is 65535 in UDP but ethernet does

Performs simple Path MTU Discovery to target hosts. TCP or UDP packets are sent to the host with the DF (don't fragment) bit set and with varying amounts of data. If an ICMP Fragmentation Needed is received, or no reply is received after retransmissions, the amount of data is lowered and another packet is sent.

2020-6-11 · UDP datagrams have little to do with the MTU size you can make them as big as you like up to the 64K is maximum mentioned above. You can even send one of them in an entire packet as long as you are using jumbo frames with a size larger the large datagram. 最大传输单元_百度百科

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常见协议MTU大小_百度文库 2018-6-29 · Ethernet MinSize = 512bit = 64 Byte Ethernet MaxSize = 1518 Byte so Ethernet IP MTU = 1518 - 18 ( 6 SRCMAC+ 6 DSTMAC+ 2 TYPE+ 4 CRC) = 1500 B so Ethernet IP TCP MSS = 1500 - 40 ( 20 IP_HEADER + 20 TCP_HEADER) = 1460 B so