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Nov 28, 2016 How to Find Proper MTU Size for Network (with Pictures Determine the Correct MTU for Your Network: Launch the command prompt. From your desktop, … How do I change the MTU size on my NETGEAR Wireless Router

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How to change the MTU on a D-Link router ? :: SG FAQ An appropriate MTU value is important to the proper operation of any network. To change the MTU on a DI series D-Link router, simply follow the steps below: 1. Connect to your router's admin interface. Usually The default username is "admin" (without the quotes) and the default password is blank. 2. Change MTU size in Windows 10 -

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Note: It's not a BT Router i'm using, i'm using a Netgear DG834N. I am sure BT Routers like the HomeHub have a MTU Size of 1500 set in the Router Interface, am I correct? My Netgear DG834N has a MTU Size of 1458 in the Router Interface by default. Thanks for responding. Solved: MTU on port with tagged VLAN - NETGEAR Communities So there is a standard MTU size of 1500 of the L3 payload of an ethernet frame. That makes the Ethernet Frame Size 1518 for non-VLAN frames and 1522 for VLAN-tagged frames. Does Netgear mean MTU=Ethernet Frame Size? What happens if the switch receives or sends a frame that is larger than the configured MTU for a port, drop it?